Rebalance Performance Therapy

Helping your horse rebalance.


My name is Emily and I'm in my early 20s. I have been riding since before I could walk. I've experimented in many disciplines and have shown all across Ontario, including a few shows in the US. While showing, my partner's physical health was always my biggest concern. If something seemed slightly off, I would always be the first to notice. I would drive my parents crazy saying things like "his back is sore", "I think his left hock is stiff", or "I think his poll is tight" to name a few! It's important for your horse to feel their best physically. As prey animals, horses instinctually hide their pain so was not to appear 'weak'. Hidden pain can cause many behavioural issues. And, once a horse actually appears 'sore', they are in enough pain to override their instincts. Which is fairly significant! I've always been well in tune with horses, and it has always been my life long goal to reduce their pain in ANY way that I can. 

I am also a science student. Currently, I'm in my fourth year of my bachelors and will graduate May 2021 with a specialization in chemistry and a major in math. I will be going on to a masters and PhD. Research has always been a huge passion of mine. PEMF fits perfectly into my schooling and research. Electromagnetic fields fall into the subjects of math, physics, and quantum chemistry, and the interaction of PEMF with organic matter includes physics (atomic level) and biochemistry (cellular level). It is very important to me to research and understand PEMF on all levels. I am thankful my university career has provided me with knowledge and resources to be a safe and effective practitioner. 

Why choose me as your PEMF practitioner? Because it combines everything I am passionate about. I will treat your equine partner as my own. I also offer therapies that compliment PEMF (k-tape, IceVibe, percussion gun).  Multimodal therapy is always the most effective approach. Hope to see you soon and help your equine partner rebalance!